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RNGBirth -TuxMS version of rebirth

It works quite differently in multiple ways, here's how;

  • It works by resetting your level to 1, all while keeping your job, allocated stats and skills.
  • RNGBirth is split up in to "tiers", the first tier just requires you to be level 200 or above and gives nothing extra
  • Tier 2 and onward require level 200 or above and different objectives to complete
  • Each tier will give you a random skill from a pool of 17¬†different undisclosed skills
  • The skills are also tiered, which means for each RNGBirth you do you have a higher possibility to get a skill which would be considered good for most classes and it reduces the chance of getting skils that would be considered ok¬†
  • You get to keep the skills you get from each tier of RNGBirth, just don't clear the hotkey you assign it to!
  • It is possible to get the same random skill twice
  • The bonus skill is always maxed out and can't be seen in your skillbook
  • Current max tier of RNGBirths is 5, more tiers are being added further down the road
  • use @rngbirth command to get started on the next part of your TuxMS journey