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Another life update | Posted by cick3 on 02.18

Hello guys, admin cick3 here, I hope you all are doing good.

As many European countries already have, Sweden has now decided to lift it's restrictions and recommendations due to COVID-19.
Which means that many of us that have worked from home during the last 2 years now will return to our offices, this includes yours truly.

I am expected to be physically at the office at least 3 days a week, this means that I lose 3 days a week of possible development and testing time on the server as I leave early and get home late.

I also have my family that needs me, which leaves very little free time to doing other things. I also got a stern talking to from my doctor informing me that I need to stress down, sleep better and overall just try to take care of my self as good as I can.

So, what does this all mean for TuxMS? It inevitably means I have very little time left in my week to develop the server, which in turn means smaller patches and longer time between each update.

I want to be very clear, I am NOT closing the server or halting development entirely. 
TuxMS is a passion project, just like it was from the start, I really love coding and thinking of new ideas and changes to better the server, that won't change.

I must however take a step back from my "over-zealousness" in the Discord and try to get one more GM to help me with support for players as I simply can't keep up by myself, even if the player numbers aren't super high.
I will therefore turn off notifications other than DMs and please only use that for urgent matters.
I will still read bug reports and suggestions and add them to the to-do list, you can be sure of that.

My own physical and mental well-being is after all something to not take lightly, I'm not that old yet, I still need to feel good in order to do good things!

I want to thank each and every one of you that play the server and support me in my endeavours, it's truly all I want, to create a place for people to have a good time playing a ~12 year old version of a 2D MMORPG.

Stay safe and take care of each other


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Feedback: Positive
Posted 3 months ago, on Feb 19, 2022

hell ya brother. take care of yoself. great doc u b havin