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The next big thing | Posted by cick3 on 01.10

Hey everyone, hope you all had a good holiday season, I had time to relax a bit at least but also managed to push 2 patches during the last month which feels good.

Current priority is increasing player power to be able to fight tougher mobs in the new training maps introduced a couple of patche ago. And to have something to grind towards.

That thing is rebirth. I am occupied with developing this system on the dev environment and will be spending most/all of upcoming time on making this a reality of which I can be proud.

The "vanilla" rebirth system in our current source is very basic, all it does is set your level to 1, your job to beginner and saves your current AP. This is not in line with my vision of how a rebirth should work, without going in to too much detail I'll tell you that it will be a much more rewarding experience once I'm finished.

I will try to keep the schedule of patching once every two weeks but I won't make any promises as this project is quite the undertaking.

I hope you are as excited as I am, thank you as always for playing and for believing in me <3


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