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Life update | Posted by cick3 on 12.02

Hey guys!

Dev cick3 here, just wanted to post this blog to let you know there have been a few changes in my work and personal life which will inevitably lead me to have less time to do changes/patches.

I will start a new position within the company I work full-time for, this position requires a totally different focus than my previous role and there is also training involved so all my development time will be moved to nights and weekends.

There will still be updates, changes, patches and fixes but maybe not as regularly as before.

I am always looking for ways to improve TuxMS, however small the improvement may be so I really like all your suggestions, please keep them coming and for the sake of an easier oversight - post them in the new forums!

I hope you all are doing well, thanks so much for playing and being amazing

Sincerely, cick3

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