Server Info
Players Online: 1
Accounts: 802
Characters: 1066

Version 83
Experience Rate: 5x
Meso Rate: 8x
Drop Rate: 5x

Server time: 08:58

Notable feature, changes and improvements

New features QoL changes Skill buffs Bug fixes
Use & Etc stack to 1000 No max level for quests Paladin
- Blast boosted to 1800% damage from 550%
- Heaven's Hammer cd reduced to 10 and damage boosted to 2500% from 900%
Silver mane quest now doable
AP reset NPC All Expeditions can be started solo Marksman
- Strafe damage buffed to 200% from 100%
- Snipe cooldown reduced to 4 sec from 5
Boomerang step can be used while jumping and on ledges
HP gained per level buffed
(No HP washing)
Seduce is not cast by bosses if less than 8 players in map Aran
- Over swing (double) damage boosted to 250% from 170%
- Over swing (triple) damage boosted from 190% to 360%
- Final blow damage boosted to 800% from 700%
VIP Weapons, shields, ring and earrings
global drop
3 sec spawn rate Buccaneer
- Super transformation cd reduced to 120 sec from 360
- Battleship cd reduced to 120 sec from 240 sec
KSH maps added for 165+ levelling No pre-quest for Zakum or HT Fire/Poison Mage
- Paralyze damage boosted to 900% from 240%

Custom commands
@rooney opens NPC rooney to trade Maple leaves and votepoints
@sellslot sells all item in specified slot without needing to go to shop
@stash opens your stash remotely
@loot vac-loot all your own loot in the current map

Level cap 250 for all jobs Ice/Lightning Mage
- Chain lightning damage boosted to 600% from 210%
ToT maps all have had their spawn number increased Item levelling with max stat 500, items can gain max +10 levels Bishop
- Angel ray damage boosted to 500% from 240%
  Drop highlights for VIP items, White scrolls, Chaos scrolls of all kinds and NX cards Shadower
- Savage blow damage boosted to 150% from 80%
- Band of thieves damage boosted to 1000% from 250%
- Assassinate damage boosted to 2000% from 600% (level 20-30 only)
Golden Maple leaf to sell and buy to "bypass" 2b meso limit, costs 1.2b sells for 1.1b No gender locks for equip Hero
- Adv. combo buff from 30% to 150% on max level, 10 combo counter instead of 5.
- Brandish buff from 260% to 300% on max level, now hits 6 targets 3 times instead of 3 targets 2 times.
Miraculous Chaos scroll All 10% weapon scrolls are sold by Asia NPC Bowmaster
- Dragons breath buff 160% damage from 100% now hits 8 enemies instead of 4
- Hurricane damage buff 150% from 100%
Chaos Scroll of goodness   Corsair
- Aerial strike CD reduced to 2 sec
    Dark Knight
- Berserk can now be used on 90-100% hp (level 20-30 changed only)